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About Me

.​..a creation of divine origin.

My goal is to create photographs that capture you as the divine work of art that you are either with a classical, modern, or a vision full of fantasy. You are a creation of divine origin, born in the heart of God. This is how I see you through my lens and this is how I will capture you. It is my way of making art with images.
My main team is made up of my husband and children as we are a family business. When the session or event requires it, we also have our excellent team of professionals with extensive experience and ethics. .

A little more about me...

I was born in a beautiful South American country, right in the middle of the world: Ecuador! From an Italian father and Ecuadorian mother (so I have plenty of charisma and the taste for good food). I arrived in the United States in 2003 and with my husband, where we formed the special family that we have today.

We are one very creative family, we love superheroes (as you may have already noticed), the movies, good food, sharing with friends, parties and of course expand our talents, but above all we love God, and we seek to project his love in everything we do.